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Starting to crystalize - Onmyou Seijuu
The Black & White Bear
October 2008

Boogie Panda
Date: 2008-07-08 22:00
Subject: Starting to crystalize
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Tags:blog projects imvu littlebigplanet ffiv
So, I have a lot of things going on... in accordance with a previous observation I am working on simplifying my life a bit. I have cut some ties (but hopefully in no way have burned any bridges) with respect to some of my responsibilities with the IMVU community. I'm actually ramping UP with creating new products for that site. I still have the concerns that I vented in a previous post, but despite my issues (which is actually something I'm developing as a book idea) I still think that IMVU is a far superior attempt at virtual community as compared to things like Second Life. I really do want to pursue the book idea, but for now I'm shelving it because I need fewer projects in my life. Not more.

I'm going to try to get back to using this blog for my more right brained stuff. In general it seems like most of my boogiepanda accounts are better suited for this task, and as I find new sites I'll probably continue to use that account name for "personal" accounts.

While I don't actually like the concept of developing online "persona" because I feel like it is healthier psychologically to try to integrate one's different identities as much as possible, I am keeping separate accounts for more professionally driven and left brained work. There are just some people I would not add to a friends list on a social site if it was part of what I do for work. And yes, I have blog, twitter, facebook, skitch, and other accounts that are registered for professional sphere purposes :D

I like the freedom of having a personal account and a professional account. It is a shame they have t be separate things, but I guess that'll just have to be an "opportunity".

On the left brain side, I have a really bog code project that is almost at critical mass. There is one more (hopefully only one more) issue that I have come across lately that I have to work out and I'll be ready to start building. I've learned most of what I need to know to understand the Zend Framework, I'm getting re-acquainted with OO program practices, and I've done enough research in the other areas that ideas are starting to coagulate in my head.

Hopefully I can avoid another tangent. My left brained blog is going to focus on the professional projects, which I hope to keep to work hours plus two nights that I'm at work for car pooling reasons anyway. That leaves Monday night, Saturday, and two other nights a week for personal projects and hopefully (HOPEFULLY) I can devote Sunday to non-project time on a regular basis.

That last part will be hard.... I always have to be doing SOMETHING.

Oh, and amazingly enough I discovered there is someone I know that is actually MORE fanatically excited about the Final Fantasy IV remake for Nintento DS than I. In all fairness I feel the same way about Littlebigplanet on the inside that you felt about Final Fantasy when you banged the steering wheel like a maniac, but the key point is, I am keeping it all on the inside (ON THE INSIDE!!!!!!! OMGLITTLEBIGPLANETIWANTYOUNOOOOOOOOOOOOW)
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♥ s o n i a ♥
User: soniabunny
Date: 2008-07-10 11:22 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Check your Mii Plaza for BUTTPANDA!!! :D
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