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Failtube - Onmyou Seijuu
The Black & White Bear
October 2008

Boogie Panda
Date: 2008-09-13 17:48
Subject: Failtube
Security: Public
I was really, REALLY excited to learn about the new annotations tool for Youtube. I'm not certain that it actually makes the videos accessible to screen readers (they have a captions feature for that, but requires external software), but it is a great first step. I also don't think it would be hard for them to convert annotation text into captions.

The end result is a video with pretty slick word balloons superimposed on the video (and they can be turned off). Unfortunately, the tool is just not there yet. It might be a good start, and I think having done it one and struggled for hours, YES HOURS, on a single albeit verbose 10 minute video that I can work around most of the quirks. The fact remains it was a total and utter pain. I'm also pretty sure there have been server issues with Youtube the past few days.

You're owned by Google, there is no excuse for poor performance. All Google has to do is sneeze and shiny new servers appear.

The end result is satisfying, but I really don't see myself doing it on ALL my videos any time soon until they work out a LOT of the kinks.

(and yes, this is a VERY old video. It predates my transition to married status and my move to library land.)

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