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Fumbling Along - Onmyou Seijuu
The Black & White Bear
October 2008

Boogie Panda
Date: 2008-09-18 10:12
Subject: Fumbling Along
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I think I was in a slump. Things seem to have gotten better. The main problem that persists is that we leave the house at 9ish (though it should be 8:30) and don't get home until close to 11 Tuesday-Friday. If I do anything other than the bare-minimum those days either it cuts into sleep time or I'm running late the next day (hence 9ish).

Sometimes I wonder if the whole 1 car decision was the most prudent, but really I don't think we can afford two cars just yet. Definitely don't need the hassle of an unreliable vehicle, I don't regret getting rid of the old death trap one bit. We certainly save on gas and mileage, even as compared to the previous carpooling arrangement.

I would seriously consider biking to work and riding home if we had a Greenway that connected to anything reasonably close. If they ever connect the scary #19 to #5 it might work. I refuse to ride a bike in car traffic for any considerable stretch.

I got the PS3 recently. I haven't bought any games for it yet. The one I want most (LittleBigPlanet) doesn't come out until next month. I'm borrowing Folklore from my friend Steven at the moment. It is a neat game... it just doesn't quite know what it is. It's one part 11th Hour, one part Ghostwisperer, one part Alice in Wonderland, and one part Pokemon. I don't like the comicbook-esque cut scenes. Those fall horribly flat, and it is apparent the intent was to save budget and development time on real cut scenes. Game play (mechanics) are good, but since it doesn't really do too well on focusing it does feel a bit lackluster. The controls are decent, no whining yet.

I'll probably buy Folklore if I can find a good used copy. I also think I might look into Lair, haven't read any reviews on it yet. Donnie wants Jeopardy, which is a decent looking download title, but I think we'll need another controller to play together so that will definitely have to wait until next month. Civilization Revolutions is another possible title, but we also have the Wii, so might wait until that version is also out to see which is better (even if just in the controls arena).

I am really enjoying being able to enjoy my high definition screen with games. The Wii just doesn't really output an impressive level of detail. We probably won't bother with Blue-ray discs any time soon. Netflix wants an extra $1 per month and I have yet to see anything I really want available in that format.
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