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It's been a long, but I guess productive day. I'm glad tomorrow is… - Onmyou Seijuu
The Black & White Bear
October 2008

Boogie Panda
Date: 2008-09-22 23:51
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It's been a long, but I guess productive day. I'm glad tomorrow is game night. For anyone in the general Raleigh/Knightdale area looking for something to do on Tuesday nights, I go to the Game Connection (In front of the Home Depot of Knightdale off 64 Business/Knightdale Blvd. map) to hang out and play board/card games.

I also go to the CATTG meetings on NCSU campus on Thursdays.

In addition to trying out a demo of "The Last Guy" and "Civilization Revolution" for PS3 this evening. I started working on research for one of my Board game ideas (my third game). It will be rather involved. The goal is to have a reasonably accurate map, such that the game will help re-enforce geography learning. My initial idea is to have roughly 150 board positions, but that may prove to be too involved. Another issue is consolidating the population data and transportation data I've collected, not to mention the population data I still need to get. The mechanics for this game are simple enough... it is just the board design that will be rather difficult.

If I get really frustrated with it I can always go back to the first game I designed. It has a really simple design, but the mechanics are too simple. It needs a theme to make it a little less abstract.

My second game is still in limbo. I like the mechanics, but need a new premise for the game. The original idea spun way out of control (hundreds of cards) so I need to come up with a simpler, but expandable premise.

And, I wanted to mention that I'm in the process of switching Live journal accounts. I've decided to retire "Boogiepanda" as an online identity. It was cute for a long time but it doesn't really reflect the direction I want to go. There is "baggage" from a number of things over the past few years that I want to sluff off. I have a new (and paid :D) account I'm setting up and I'll add the friends from this account. For the last few months I've been developing accounts on a variety of social sites that are better oriented to integrating my professional and personal life. I tried maintaining them as separate for a while, but it doesn't work well, and it doesn't really make sense. I'm not "getting rid" of this account so much as just putting it on the back burner. I still have a direction I'd like to go with this particular online identity, but it is all tied up in projects I don't have enough time for. I dropped IMVU recently and that is freeing up a lot of time for other things.

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