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Transcript for last video post. - Onmyou Seijuu
The Black & White Bear
October 2008

Boogie Panda
Date: 2008-10-16 11:19
Subject: Transcript for last video post.
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So, I said a long time ago in my first video post that I was thinking about retiring Boogiepanda as an online identity. I've been using the name for almost a decade now, there is a lot of baggage associated with it. I tried for a while to move it into the realm of being my "personal life" online identity while developing a separate "professional life" persona, but it just doesn't fit my personality.

Some people go to work, and for the most part leave their personal life at home. Then the go home and leave the work mind-set completely. Some people do it to varying degrees, but for the most part I'm always projecting the same persona. I think 7-8 years ago, that wasn't really the case. There were huge parts of my personal life that I omitted from my interactions at work. Despite the fact that I liked the people I was working with, there was not a deep interpersonal bond. I did develop that kind of relationship with my direct boss over time, but most of my other coworkers were more of a friendly cohabitational relationship.

Boogiepanda was a retreat. It started off as an innocuous enough instant messenger handle, but over time it expanded like a tree taking root. The name originated from two characters.

The first was the father of Ranma from the Ranma 1/2. For those unfamiliar with the show, it is a cartoon where the main character falls under a curse where when slashed with water, he changes gender. Other characters in the show suffer similar curses, his father turns into a Panda, his nemesis turns into a pig, and so forth. The reference to this character is primarily superficial, as he turns into a panda and I happen to like pandas.

The second character was Boogiepop from a "light novel" series and anime of the same name. The reference to this character is a little more involved and intentional. Boogiepop (the character) represents a lot of themes I identify with. Boogiepop himself is an alter ego that only surfaces when needed.

I don't doubt the importance of layered personality in human society. Our ability to learn, and adapt behavior to match the social environment is probably one of our most advantageous evolutions along side a heightened sense of individualism. Behavior and personality are different, but interrelated. Personality is an observation of motivational, through, and behavioral patterns. It is part of the natural human tendency to assign meaning. We assign personality to others based on our perception of them. We also try to affect the perception others have of us.

So Boogiepanda, a created online identity is smoke and mirrors. It isn't all the different from the "hats" metaphor used to describe how people adapt to filling multiple, sometimes conflicting roles in their life. I've explored that method, I want to try something different. Let's take away the smoke and mirrors.

If I had such a horrible job that I needed that psychological separation, I think I'd prefer to just change jobs. The hat metaphor is useful, but as I've learned from experience in my job it isn't productive to try to section off different aspects of any role. I am staunchly against that. It is much more effective to integrate learning and methods across roles.

There is definitely a time and a place for Boogiepanda, he's not getting the axe so to speak. I am going to focus on driving more online interaction through another more transparent online identity.

So one of the projects I am working on is a sort of CMS for my primary site at the www4.ncsu.edu site. If you're familiar with that particular part of NC State technological history you might think, "How can you make a CMS on a web host that doesn't support server side dynamic scripts?" That is entirely the point! My aim is to make a browser based CMS. Clearly the part of the CMS that stores content will have to be server side, and that will be hosted on the people.engr.ncsu.edu site, but every other layer will be client side.

In addition to making a dynamic site on a static server, I'm going to focus on integrating different parts of my life experience together. I'll continue to use Livejournal, but on a new account: BornDigital. I'll also continue to build out Fabulous IT which is hosted on our University Library blogs. The final major piece of the puzzle is the questionably reverent Stuff White Mages Like. One online persona, a broad spectrum of personal facets. The Internet becomes a fully integrated part of social life, indistinguishable from the clothes on your back. That is a nutshell is the REAL Web 3.0. None of this hyper-bull.

So in short, so long, and thanks for all the fish! See you on the other side.

(side note, this was also my last Youtube video post as Boogiepanda in addition to being my last journal post to this Livejournal account. I did something different for this video. I had a transcript and used the PS3's Eye Create software to capture the video while teleprompting the transcript on the Wii Internet Channel. The result was a lot easier to edit, but turned out sounding more robotic than I would have liked. I plan on doing a more impromptu series of Youtube videos with the Borndigital account.)
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